FRINGE 2016 – National Maestro Impro Games

By Julia Cudsi


If you’re anything like me, pretty much the most impressive thing that anybody can do is make something up, on the spot, in front of an audience. If you somehow manage to make your improvised performance funny, or filled with pathos, or even halfway entertaining, you’ve got my vote.

Described by hilarious MC Jarrad Parker as something akin to “The Hunger Games” (without infringing copyright, of course) meets “Whose Line is it Anyway”, the format of this show – staged in the German Club – involves a series of improv performers going head to head in a variety of challenges designed to push them to their limits. Over the course of the evening, performers are eliminated gradually until only the most popular – as voted by the audience – wins the coveted prize, and the right to compete against Australia’s best improvisers towards the end of the Fringe.

The format, which hinges upon audience participation, is highly entertaining, especially when matched with the fine European beers on offer at the German Club. Be prepared for an evening of riotous laughs, all without a script.

This show – another brainchild of the always entertaining On the Fly improv troupe – is sure to be the perfect complement to your Fringe experience.



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