FRINGE 2016 – Puddles Pity Party – Garden – Rating 4.5K – Review by Julie Robins

By Julie Robins

Riding into 1970s Adelaide on a city free bike, Puddles is a very tall gently menacing and rather depressed whiteface clown with a fabulous baritone singing voice and an engaging manner who has the audience onside from the moment he rolls into the room. Supported by Popeye, Kevin Costner, robotic failures and sad animals, the Puddles Pity Party is fifty minutes of rollicking good fun.

The audience could not help but join in with his renditions of songs such as Dancing Queen, Under Pressure, and the Angels’ : Am I Ever Going To See Your Face Again. He took us from decorous tea parties through cabaret and disco to popcorn explosions. Filming and photo taking were encouraged (Puddles is a master of the selfie) but no audience member was safe from his attentions. He chose his victims well and drew out their inner charms and talents.

A sad wise clown from Atlanta who sang with us, danced with us, schmoozed with us, he was effortlessly funny and entertaining throughout. The queue that formed after the show to wait for Puddles cuddles showed just how many hearts he won. Recommended for all ages with a language warning ( which is entirely due to the audience, not Puddles!)

Kryztoff Rating 4.5k

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