Fringe 2016 – Knee Deep – Casus Circus – The Garden – Rating 4K – Review by Julie Robins

By Julie Robins

Knee Deep,  presented by Brisbane-based Casus Circus, is an acrobatic dance performance in which the dancers work around themes of fragility and strength, both physical and emotional.  In the intimate setting of the Vagabond venue, sound, lighting and music  are expertly used to manipulate the mood throughout the show.

The troupe display exceptional physical skills with strength, control, and great timing.  The show is full of wit, humour and pathos. Some of the action seemed a little clunky at the beginning but this soon became smoother and they made even the most intricate moves seem almost effortless.

The beautiful and surprising images they create, especially those involving eggs and aerial ribbons, linger long after the show has finished.  (I imagine that many omelettes were made during the workshops that led up to the finished show).

Recommended for all ages.

Kryztoff Rating 4K

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