Fringe 2016 – The Walking Dreads – Fabien Clark – Producers Cranny – Rating 4K – Review by Julie Robins

By Julie Robins

Arriving in Adelaide direct from the Perth Festival The Walking Dreads is a comedy show about divorce, Tinder, and the horrors of re-entering the world of dating.  Don’t be misled by the photo of Fabien in the Fringe Guide because this is not a show about zombies, but about the drastic effect these experiences can have on a person.  Although close up in the (very) cosy venue of the Producers Cranny  he does make quite a convincing zombie.

Fabien regaled the audience with hilarious tales of his relationship woes ; relationships with children, parents, mates and audiences, as well as romance and attempted romance. He is a consummate storyteller whose humour is mostly self-deprecating, he doesn’t rely on the cruel humour that seems to be the stock in trade of many comedians.  The hour rolled by smoothly with laughs throughout, the couple of jokes which fell a bit flat he intelligently turned to his advantage and had us laughing all the more.

The Walking Dreads will be delivering cautionary tales on topics as diverse  as how to behave in a Finnish sauna, on getting engaged, on why not to take your young child with you on a first date, through to what not to say in a radio interview.  So you have until March 13th if you’d like to find out how Fabien ended up with dreadlocks and the bad tattoo he refused to show us (and much much more).

Kryztoff Rating 4K

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