Fringe 2016: Angus Hodge, Guy Alone – 4K

Angus Hodge has been performing as a stand up comedian for a number of years and is no stranger to the Adelaide Fringe. His latest show: Guy Alone follows the solo, stand up comedy pattern of his previous works however he introduces an entirely new set of jokes.

Angus has been performing for a number of years and his on stage persona is witty and confident. In his latest show he discusses a number of divisive social issues including homelessness, sexuality and violence with a certain charm. His observations are well thought out and he pokes fun at some of the well established attitudes and ideas of society.

Hodge is clearly well educated and moves swiftly and adroitly between his comedic observations. While the subject matter of some of his jokes is quite simple he analyses and dissects them with a clear logical train of thought.

For the most part Angus’ jokes hit their mark, but some of his new material is still a bit raw and needs to be sharpened to more clearly draw laughs from the crowd. This being said, Angus does well to welcome and warm the crowd, engaging them multiple times through his show.

A darkly humorous show which includes hilarious stories and observations you’ll never hear anywhere else.


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