Fringe 2016 Dani Cabs: Poncho Orange – 3.5K

Poncho Orange was a show of firsts. Never before have I had a fringe performer feed me part of a (delicious) mango, nor had I had my face painted, nor joined an entire audience in an orchestrated conga.

Dani Cabs creates a hilarious on stage persona for this show, drawing the audience in with well choreographed musical acts and engaging physical comedy. There is very little use of language, but Cabs uses this to his advantage. Minimalist vocal humour complimented by clownish stunts makes up the majority of the show.

This show builds to a hilarious crescendo involving the entire audience. However the earlier skits struggle at times to fully engage the audience. Many of the jokes received ample support, but a few need either an audience more likely to participate or to be further refined.

This is an artist who knows comedy and has a well rounded show, some of the sketches are foot stompingly funny, but they need an audience willing to get on board.



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