The Adelaide Cabaret Festival – 2016 – The Birds – The Space Theatre – 3K

By Tom Eckert


To walk into The Space Theatre occupied by The Birds is to feel like you are walking into the dimly like smoke halls of burlesque past. Women lounge lasciviously around the hall awaiting you to take your seat.

From the outset this takes the form of a typical burlesque show. Each individual performs a routine with the occasional input from other members displaying various costumes, attitudes and feats.

Each individual act is very impressive in The Birds. Highlights are some phenomenal athleticism displayed on a course rope in place of the more traditional silks and a blindfolded trapeze act.

In a divergence from the typical one of the cast members is a  male made up into a very convincing and glamorous diva who has potentially the most impressive and powerful falsetto I have ever heard delivering a number of ballads with the clarity and high tone purity of an Italian Prima Donna.

I personally feel that the show could be improved with a stronger sense of longitudinal narrative, each feature appeared disconnected with the rest and so there was disrupted flow. In addition, the characterisation of each performer could be developed further as the personalities conveyed felt a little two dimensional which decreased the potential for the audience to invest in the narrative of each feature.

Kryztoff rating: 3K

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