Attack of the Emotional Pygmies – Star Theatres – 4K

The Star Theatre was the perfect venue for this intimate play that portrayed a snapshot of a family dinner, myrred in disfunction.

Attack of the Emotional Pygmies follows the struggle of Georgia as she struggles to inspire compassion in her husband, Alastair. We get a glimpse into the lives of Georgia and Alastair through the portrayal of a family dinner where Alastair’s sister Margie and her partner Greg are coming over.

As the meal begins we learn of the various grudges and grumbles that exist within the family quartet. Alastair bemoans the difficulties of being a 21st century doctor and “only being able to charge $200 for a 10 minute consultation”. As the evening continues Georgia brings up a matter which further strains the family and we watch as Alastair delves deeper into selfish indignance.

This is a well written play that tackles morality, guilt and the financial strain that faces a number of Australian families. Though it is currently only half of the full production, the audience is left awaiting the final conclusions. Will Alastair return from the pit of his selfish rage?

A well acted performance, particular accolades go to Todd Gray’s Alastair. The pomposity oozed from his very being and from his first words the audience is left with a feeling of unease seeing him on stage. Matthew Hein’s Greg was almost the polar, warm and welcoming, calm and helpful to the end.

A well produced and well organised piece, definitely worth a viewing this Fringe for both its humour and tension. A great play, can’t wait to see the second half!


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