FRINGE 2017 – Quarter Life Crisis – German Club – 3K

Steph dazzled the stage with her stage presence but there was no microphone to amplify her monologue, despite this, she projects very well where most bits were audible. A sense of enthusiasm came through but was suddenly dampened with the sentiments of someone nearly there, but not quite there yet. The show tackled on the character’s everyday life and how she spent the eve of her 25th birthday down to how she celebrated it.

Quarter Life Crisis seemed very realistic and may even be the actor’s actual life story. However, it lacked some sense of moral as we merely witness a life of an average person in their mid-20s. It may able to capture some empathy at various points but it can seem to miss the sneak peeks of someone who is having an entire dreadful existence masked by a beautiful persona of something that is seemingly successful, which I was hoping to see.

A style that can be described as a ‘cut’ technique used in film or TV was attempted which gave it a unique style of telling a story in a stage performance. Steph delivered the story very well and had an enthusiastic energy that reverberated in the room.  But apart from that, there wasn’t much tackled apart from surface level of a life of a girl turning 25 and more emotions could have been put in.

Overall, the show was something worth watching and there’s a lot of good humour that can remind you of familiar stories, may it be first hand or told to you.


Kryztoff Rating: 3K


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