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FRINGE: Hannah Gadsby – Rhino Room – 2.5K

Mrs. Chuckles is undoubtedly an entertaining show, and I can honestly say that I chuckled at least once, but I would advise anyone who is keen for some real ‘side-splitting’ humour to keep looking. 2.5K

FRINGE: Zack Adams – Comedy – Tuxedo Cat – 3K

Performed ably in the brilliantly derelict Tuxedo Cat venue, Zack Adams generally delighted as he led the audience to poke fun at his failures as a boyfriend and as an artist. 3K

FRINGE: Bygone Error – Cabaret – SA Folk Centre – 4.5K

Paul and Christian Reynolds know how to turn on a show, to get a crowd going 19th century style with good songs and guests, alliterations and innuendo, all at ‘enormous expense.’ Their patter is machine gun like in its delivery, they are consummate performers and the blend of young and old works a treat. 4.5K

FRINGE: Eurodiva – Cabaret – Zoo – 4K

The best thing about this show is that it’s live, a theatrical cabaret spectacle with a 7-piece big band who pump out some beautiful tunes, kudos to them. 4K

RAW: Tim McMillan vs Yogi Glare – Worldsend – 3.5K

This is a different but not awkward performance, a new method to show off virtuosity and make bar room music even more enjoyable at the same time. Take them in. 3.5K


The bottom line remains, what is in this for SACA members and cricket lovers generally? The answer still remains the same, either nothing or very little.

FRINGE: Mind Traveller – Comedy – Worldsend – 4K

The cast of excellent recent Arts grands make merry fun with this satire of factory working life at the Worldsend. 4K

FRINGE: Celtic Roots – SA Folk Centre – 2.5K

For a peacefully relaxing concert with character, charm and humour, indulge yourself in the sweet harmonies created by Matthew and Julia. 2.5K

FRINGE: Sista Act – Nexus – 3.5K

The cast of strong, beautiful, intelligent Aboriginal women discussed the changes made for Aboriginal people since winning the right to vote in the 1969 referendum. 3.5K


Kryztoff is pleased to announce one final and extra competition for this Fringe including tix to WOMAD. Check out the post for details.