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FRINGE: Into The Fringe – Gary Cockburn – Adel Town Hall – 4.5K

Cockburn seeks to ‘capture as much of the energy, beauty and passion of the Fringe as possible’ and he achieves that admirably again. His photographs drip with beautiful colours (his reds a feature), are infused with skilled use of light and carry subtle use of mood and motion to lift what may otherwise be considered mundane. 4.5K

FRINGE: Comedy – Marcel Lucont Chat Show – Tuxedo Cat – 2.5K

All harmless good fun stuff and certainly something to do late in an evening; a visit to the Tuxedo Cat is an experience every fringe follower owes themselves. 2.5K

FRINGE: Background Check – Amos and Moataz – 3.5K

Sure, the show lacks a little polish and this is humour well tagged as undergrad but their willingness to take on topics beyond the safe, comedy norm, without at any time making us think there is overreach is frankly a breath of fresh air. 3.5K

RAW: BAFF – Mrs Carey’s Concert – 3K

Anybody who has find memories of school concerts or who has had children (boys or girls) at this age will find much to enjoy but at the end for the proclaimed unfettered access of the production team, Mrs Carey’s Concert comes up short of being great. 3K