RAW: Football Wrap Pt 2 – What A Magnificent Week

By The Silver Bullet

What a magnificent week of football it has been and, you know what? I can’t even tell you whether any games were actually played. Can anyone?

As predicted in Wrap 1 (Wrap Pt 1), Brendan Fevola got the sack, nobody got sued, questions linger why any pay out was required and nothing but nothing happened about his future playing American football. But possibilities seemed to have lit up almost miraculously since Fev was released back on the unsuspecting public even if it is only betting agencies and casino operators rubbing their hands with glee.

It seems, as we predicted last week, a life in show business beckons with some sort of remake of the Sound of Music under the title of Fev! The Musical the hot topic in the entertainment world. Talent scouts, (not the same dopes who Skyped the Green Bay Packers et al), are reporting the likes of Cameron McIntosh are licking their lips with possibilities, with Dame Kiri Te Kanawa to play Mother Superior, Hugh Jackman as Herr Zeller and Brendan as himself singing lyrics like:

Boozing on Sat’day and punching til dawn,

Betting on horses and the doggies at Lorne,

Annoying women and living like kings,

These are a few of my favourite things.

But wait, now there is talk of a comeback, through the VFL. How wonderful! As the media have noted, there aren’t many AFL clubs signalling their interest in taking Fev on but there is one for whom he would be a natural fit – North Melbourne.

What a way to boost membership, give the team a forward line and add to the litany of stuff-ups the Kangaroos have enjoyed under the presidency of Eddie Maguire’s mini-me, James Brayshaw.

Let’s not forget the Kangaroos could have relocated themselves to the Gold Coast a few years back but the man who started out in media selling fridges for Radio Rentals said ‘no’ and thwarted interest in the idea during their relocated games at Carrara by retaining a club song that possessed lyrics like ‘good ol’ Arden Street forever’ which, guess what, didn’t mean much to the bleach haired surfies east of the Gold Coast Highway.

Then last year, he fluffed the chance to go to Tasmania, putting his (and not many others’) club back on death row. But now he has the Fev, sitting there drying out and cheering up in the VFL looking for a new home, with memories of Richmond’s publicity and membership coup with Such Is Life Ben fresh in his mind. Mmm. Delicious isn’t it.

And before leaving the rabble that is now the Lions (oh how Leigh Matthews must shake his head in disbelief), Jason Akermanis obviously read our spray last week and has joined the chorus for the prompt demise of Michael Voss, former premiership teammate etc. Now, while the media foments about the former playing genius’ big mouth, let’s not forget that mad Jason got his comments about the Bulldogs’ Brad Johnson (another former team mate) late last year absolutely right – despite the protestations, Johnson was useless in the finals and very quickly pensioned off afterwards.

Phew, and we have not even touched (sorry that is the wrong word, isn’t it Ricky) our favourite nameless 17 year old from St Kilda. Well, that and more next week but in the interim check out the photos of her doing the rounds on the internet. You can see why the man in the underwear got a little hot in the Y fronts, even if she is only old enough to be his daughter.

FRINGE – Circus – Bubblewrap & Boxes – Bosco Theatre, Garden of Unearthly Delights – 3K

Klaus is an odd man. He lives alone. Alone except for his cardboard boxes, which he cleans and moves and ensures are just right. Sometimes, the mail brings a new box and Klaus lovingly incorporates it into his boxed world. Everything is as it should be. But then, a different kind of box is delivered, a box that upsets Klaus’ equilibrium. It contains another person who is inquisitive where he is anxious, friendly where he is hesitant and brave where he is afraid. Can Klaus learn that the unknown doesn’t necessarily have to be scary and gather the strength to leave his boxes?

This is an unusual piece of physical theatre, designed to appeal to children, but with a plot-line and message that may only be clear to adults. The two performers are skilful acrobats and use their physicality well. In the heat of the Bosco Theatre (the air-conditioning seemed to be broken), it must have been an intensely difficult feat for them to keep the energy up, but they managed it.

This oppressive atmosphere also made it necessary for the doors to remain open during the performance and the sounds of the Garden of Unearthly Delights filtered distractingly in. However, the style of the show – being predominantly non-verbal – meant that this was not such a great problem as it might have been for a more narrative driven piece.

Though some of the small details of the show still went over my head, and must have been equally lost on the younger viewers, this show provides a positive general message, in a fun manner to which the kids seemed to respond.

Kryztoff Rating: 3K


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RAW: Soundwave – This Saturday – See Our Interviews

With Soundwave here this weekend, check out Socratos’ interviews for Kryztoff with some of the bands playing here at Bonython Park from midday.

High On Fire                                             High On Fire Interview

This Town Needs Guns                              This Town Needs Guns Interview

H2O                                                         H2O Interview

Foxy Shazam                                             Foxy Shazam Interview

Rolo Tomassi                                            Rolo Tomassi Interview

The Aquabats                                            The Aquabats

I See Stars                                                 I See Stars Interview

Don’t miss it. Kryztoff certainly won’t be!

RAW: Bird Calls – Paper String Plastic Gallery

By Socratos

When did that happen? I don’t know. I believe it was last friday. It was really hot and I was in a bright white room drinking free alcohol when it was suddenly inundated by scores of colourful, shining, vibrant people who’s energy gave off an intensive amount of radiant heat that added to the heat already in the room. My brain began to sweat. Was it real? I remember walking up a staircase that came off Hindley street…

There was a blurred array of faces, they all seemed to be based off the same template. Although some of them appeared not to follow the template at all and were merely morphed & amorphous renderings of the colour spectrum that flashed across my amygdala.

The madness I am referring to is the opening night of a recent exhibition held by local graffiti, street and underground artists. The basis of the exhibition was a grafiti template, sprayed onto a piece of wood made by Store of Toy Soldiers Crew fame www.flickr.com/photos/toysoldierscrew.

The blank template was handed out to the various artists that contributed to the show in order to fill in with their own imagination and the results are studied and multitudinous in the variety of their scope. Many of the pieces were created by prominent graf artists from around Adelaide and happily you may recognise some of their styles as talented graffiti pieces have become more and more accepted and patroned around town.

Paper String Plastic is hosting Bird Calls, an exhibition of six female performers ranging from song to spoken word as part of the fringe throughout next week, check out the facebook page for details

And the gallery is always a good place to check out whats going on with talented local artists from around town at the moment. Artists are an outsiders’ commentary on the world and on life in a particular moment. They document the world as it was at a particular moment in time and we should support them in their mission! As a wise woman once said to me before of thousands of people in a voice that only I could hear..; You should support your artists!! Buy Something and put it in your house. Treasure it because it means something!! Great art is amazing, and it’s rare, and it should be, coz that’s what good is. It’s amazing and it’s rare and it means something.

Never overlook the importance of art.

Head up the stairs at 99a Hindley st. to check out the template exhibition and the permamnent exhibition on display there too

for more photos look here

FRINGE: Comedy – Eddie Ifft – Arts Theatre – 4K

By Julia George

Eddie! What have you done? Controversially pushing the boundaries and going were others dare not. Threesomes, midgets, donkeys, gays and Oprah. The shows title “What women don’t want to hear” definitely sums it up, though admittedly it was disgustingly hilarious.

As Eddie cleverly weaves his way through his material there is never more than a minutes gap between outbursts of laughter and commentary.

Eddie engaged one audience member who failed to keep comments to herself, publicly ousting and embarrassing her. He also does a fantastic job at breaking the world record for the biggest number of F bombs dropped in a 1 hour timeframe.

Though rude, crude and controversial the show was fast paced and snappy. Not recommended for the faint hearted, but if you’re not highly conservative and don’t mind the odd cringe moment then go and see Eddie Ifft do his thing! A definite up and coming comedian with great wit.

Kryztoff Rating  4K

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FRINGE: Buskers of Adelaide – Matt Carty 3.5K

By Socratos

Buskers Of Adelaide, a fringe photography exhibition by Matt Carty
Love Adelaide (Upstairs @ the old Lizard Lounge), Light Square House, Level 1, 9 Light Square
Open for two more weeks – Wed
nesday through Friday until March 11 9am – 3pm

Matt Carty has attempted to undertake an archival historical recording of some of the colorful characters that light up our streets. The shots are rendered in beautiful rich black and white which give focus and ambiguity to the frames and a depth of richness all at once.

Matt’s career began as a sports and news photographer for the country times newspaper his home town of Kadina. From there he went on to study photography and established himself as a free-lance in the news battle around Adelaide. He eventually worked his way up the ranks (with a brief stint in QLD) to senior photographer at the Advertiser and had three of his shots published on the front page. After about 7 months he decided that his passion for photography burned strong however his passion for being an obligated member-of-staff did not. So he (wisely) left The Advertiser (a move which in my mind establishes him with limitless journalistic credibility) and set up his own full time photography business. Matt also exhibits his personal works at various establishments across Adelaide.

Included in the shots are some familiar faces who most people will likely recognise. There’s Andy the Chap-Man who plays that intriguingly exotic looking upright multi-stringed concoction that looks like a bass and a guitar put together on the one neck and sounds like a harp. It’s actually called a Chapman stick. www.myspace.com/andysalvanos

Also in the shots are Peter Hacquoil, Izera, and Chris Dewin and  who may be recognised respectively as ;
The piano guy; Yes he actually carries a PIANO with him every time he goes busking! Peter may often be found on busy street corners laying down atmospheric piano-key moods. Find him on facebook; Adelaide Piano Busker, he is available for parties & private functions.

The crazy long haired dude who is kick @$$ at keyboards; aka Izera. Lately to be found teaming up with fellow street performer Iddi who does acrobatics and the limbo to the beats. You should buy one of Izera’s cd’s. I reckon they will be collectors items in 30 years time. But only if you have insurance, cause you might break your back trying to do an acrobatic limbo to it.

The Mandolin Gypsy; often found to have an affinity with tie-dyed shirts, Chris Dewin has been busking for somewhere between 20 & 25 years. Strangely enough he originally started busking to overcome stage fright! besides his mandolin you may find him creating the soundwaves with a formidable array of instruments.

Mark Jory & Greg Wain are both teachers so if you see them around and you’ve always been thinking about refining your tinkering on the old six-string you should talk to them! Greg’s email is gmusoz@gmail.com

The brochure provided at the exhibition is the best place to get information on the buskers themselves so you should go there and get one!

Kryztoff Rating  3.5K


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FRINGE: Future Music Festival Stage Line Ups Announced


With less than two weeks to go before the award-winning Future Music Festival rolls into cities across the nation, Future Entertainment is pleased to reveal its glittering array of stages, precincts and arenas that are guaranteed to make this year’s event a clean sweep.

The one and only Future Music Stage is back – bigger and better than ever before! Laying down a mind-blowing selection of giant cutting edge multimedia displays, crystal clear sound and amazing lighting shows; when it comes to festival stages, this jet-setting high roller’s holding all the cards:

The Chemical Brothers
Dizzee Rascal
The Presets
Art vs Science
Professor Green
James Holroyd
The Stafford Brothers & Timmy Trumpet
Steve Hart

Mazda2 and the Pink Flamingo will be partnering up to bring you all the best music in one place from the Mazda2 Flamingo Stage. These brash, flamboyant attention seekers are holding a dazzling hand that’s loaded with stars like:

Mark Ronson & The Business International
Tame Impala
Gypsy & The Cat
Steve Angello
Zane Lowe
Flight Facilities
Prince Aaronak

Upping the ante for the third massive year in a row, The Likes Of You Stage will feature all of the uber-cool décor and advanced sound design you’ve come to expect from this talented team of premier Techno party purveyors. This year’s line-up hits the jackpot with:

Richie Hawtin Presents Plastikman LIVE
Sven Vath
Loco Dice
Carter Brothers

The Dusk Til Doorn Stage, personally presented by global Trance icon and Dutch DJ hero Sander Van Doorn, will take fans on a first class musical and visual journey to paradise that they’ll never, ever forget. With Sander himself at the helm this stage also features the talents of:

Cosmic Gate
Sander Van Doorn
Binary Finary LIVE
DJ Frost
Andrew Howlett

The Dim Mak & Smirnoff’s Nightlife Exchange Project will be letting it ride for Indie Electro House fans all day long. Spearheaded by the brand’s head honcho Steve Aoki and proudly hosted by Smirnoff as a part their worldwide ‘Nightlife Exchange Project’ phenomenon, Aussie fans can expect to be taken on a once in a lifetime one-way trip to the very heart of Los Angeles without leaving the festival grounds …don’t miss the LA inspired cocktails being served up at the Smirnoff Cocktail Bar whilst checking out:

Steve Aoki
Don Diablo
The Subs
Sound of Stereo
Nick Foley
Loot & Plunder

Filled with bucket loads of bubbly fun and pumping tunes, Foamarama is the place to be:

Bollocks Deejays
Dylan Sanders vs. Ryley
Stubanga vs. Chris Spiers
Sarez vs. Audioporn
Uberjak’d vs. Rubberteeth
Paul Marshman vs. Michael Constant
DUI Deejays

FRINGE – Music – Katie Noonan and the Captains – Spiegeltent 4K

The majesty of the spiegeltent encased Katie Noonan and her new band The Captains. The audience each felt like they were alone with the band, it was a very intimate experience. The band, through their music stole your complete attention, it was as if you didn’t even want to look away, in case you missed something.

Although I can’t claim to be an expert on Katie, I did recognise a few tracks off her latest album Emperor’s Box. The critics were right, it’s a stunning album, even better live. However my favourite track was the one which was accompanied by the Wheatsheaf Ukulele Collective. The strange but eerily settling noise of the ukulele is one that is not heard enough. Combined with the bands substantial talent and Noonan’s heavenly voice, it was a near perfect show.

Kryztoff Rating 4K

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FRINGE – Music – Old Man River – The Spiegeltent, Garden of Unearthly Delights – 4K

Ohad Rein, better known to audiences as Old Man River, entered the stage in the Spiegeltent and then made the interesting move of leaving it again to play his first song out amongst the audience. He certainly knows how to get a crowd on-side. With just his guitar and his voice we were drawn in by one of his trademark beautiful melodies. Remaining solo for a little longer, he then invited us to join in the next song which was based on the traditional Indian Kirtan singing style involving call and response. The audience responded enthusiastically.

At this point, Ohad was joined on stage by a three piece band. This was a different line-up to previous years, with a more conventional rock set-up of drums, bass, keyboard and guitar. In some cases, samples were utilised to add the traditional sounds that Old Man River is well known for. They played a well balanced combination of songs from the new album Trust and older hits from the 2007 debut Good Morning.

The music and the performances were both great and it was over too soon. Returning to the stage for one more song, Ohad encouraged us to get up and dance during their best known track La. Thankfully, the Speigeltent hadn’t been oversold, as is sometimes the case, and there was actually room to move. The audience once again joined in eagerly and, after it was all over, went out into the night on a high.

The line-up may have changed but Old Man River is still a quality live music experience.

Kryztoff Rating  4K

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FRINGE: Helpmann Academy Grad Exhibition – Drill Hall – 4K

The Helpmann Academy brings together under one umbrella the five major tertiary arts schools within South Australia. This exhibition at the fabulous Drill Hall at the Parade Grounds showcases the best of this year’s graduating class.

As with past years, the breadth of the styles is matched only by their quality – from photography to sculpture, needlework to blown glass.

Ruby Chew has created three large canvasses (top right) in kitsch 1950’s ‘hyper reality’ style that aim to reveal the inner qualities of her sitters that intrigue and grow on you the more you examine them. David Suter and Tom Squires have created substantial sculptures, Suter’s Orb, (centre) a 150cm diameter concrete sphere, looks like some moon rock and Squires’ Model For Philipp Mainlander Piece (left) is a tall multi layered rectangular cuboid that stretches to the ceiling. Both have small adjunct pieces; Suter’s has a moon that goes with his earth and Squires has small, almost stool like piece of not dissimilar proportion to Suter’s, the meaning of which may require Tom’s input.

The glass work of Zoe Woods I have covered previously in our review of the Uni SA Visual arts exhibitions as too the photography of Alice Blanch and Carly Snoswell’s fascinating web like forms constructed only from plastic fastening loops. They remain highlights even in this bigger field. (See: Uni SA Grad Exhibition Review Pt 3, Uni SA Grad Exhibition Review Pt 2, Uni SA Grad Exhibition Review Pt 1

While commercial success is not always a great measure of quality, the preponderance of red dots at this year’s exhibition even after a few days speaks volumes if nothing else for a public awareness of the excellence of our visual arts schools and the Helpmann Academy’s efforts to promote them.

This is a quality exhibition and adds to the Fringe’s reputation as genuine visual arts festival in its own right to partner SALA.

Kryztoff Rating  4K

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