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FRINGE 2018 – Music, Jazz KIND OF BLUE : The Miles Davis Show – GC Club – 4.5K

The timing of the interchanges and the nuances of the performances had me closing my eyes and imagining I was in a smoke filled basement in New York with Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk and Dizzy Gillespie.

Nosferatu, Dunstan Playhouse, 2K

The classic tale of Nosferatu was reimagined for modern audiences by Polish writer/director Grzegorz Jarzyna. This minimalist reworking brings Bram Stoker’s classic gothic novel into the 21st century. The set at the Dunstan Playhouse was marvellously designed, a large, malleable performing space allowed for a series of environments to come to life. The lighting worked …

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Fringe 2013: Bar Studies 101 Botanic Bar 2.5K

You enter a cramped bar in the back of The Botanic, you sit upon a barstool and then science. Owen Collins is the captain of this vessel which explores six creative ways to combine alcohol and science. Previously a demonstrator at the Questacon Collins walks the fine line between humour and science. These two things, …

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Echolalia 3.5K Adelaide College of the Arts – Stables

Echolalia is A Kallo Collective production created and performed by Jen McArthur. The show has taken home several awards for its use of silly, physical theatre and dance. There is a deeper tone, which explores social etiquettes and graces. After working with autistic children on a holiday camp, Jen McArthur created the character ‘Echo’ who …

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Freefall Town Hall 4.5K

Freefall is an acrobatic based show which, using sarcastic and awkward comic undertones, explores the subject of fear. From the instant the lights go up, the stage is a flurry of movement. The six performers move so quickly and so constantly that watching the show is similar to peering through a kaleidoscope, so beautiful but …

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Altar Ego, The Bakehouse Theatre 4K

What truly governs a relationship? Is it honestly a series of decisions made equally by two people thinking rationally? Altar Ego is a play about seven characters, each who views marriage, love and monogamy differently. Can any portrayal be any less true or real than any other? The first half hour of the play fills …

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FRINGE: A Little Horse Play – Tuxedo Cat – 2.5K

After advertising last year’s version of the show as a work in progress Steve Sheehan returns with this, presumably complete version of A Little Horse Play.  A play featuring a little horse, the music of Wagner, Lizst and Satie and an Opera Singer. The surreal premise of a restaurant ‘background comedian’ telling jokes to the …

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FRINGE: Tom Green Live – Royalty Theatre – 4K

For those of you who don’t remember, Tom Green was the vacant face of MTV about 10 years ago, he was the pre-cursor to Jackass and other ‘gross-out’ comedy and starred in a handful of Hollywood flops.  Tens years later after a battle with testicular cancer, appearances on Celebrity Apprentice and his own web chat …

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FRINGE: Wrongtown – Homicide and Home Cooking-Cabaret-3.5K

The dark world of Wrongtown will not be to everyone’s taste, in terms of subject matter this is probably polar opposite to The Loverbirds’ glitzy vibrant offering over in the Garden but that does not mean this cabaret show is any less fun.  In Homicide and Homecooking double-act Rose Sejean and Adelaide-born Claire Bowden deliver …

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FRINGE: A Night to Dismember-Tuxedo Cat-4.5K

It’s immediately obvious when Wil Greenway enters the stage earnestly dancing to Bon Ivor’s Flume with an inflatable shark that A Night to Dismember is not going to be an ordinary theatre show.  However, I am not sure anyone was prepared for how weird Greenaway’s story of girlfriend-stealing sharks, space cheese, and talking asteroids was …

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