Tag: Adelaide Fringe 2014

FRINGE – The Best of Adelaide Fringe – Late Show – Al Amir – 3.5K

The Best of Adelaide Fringe – Late Show is a great show to go and see for those who are unable settle on which Fringe show to choose, or simply those who love variety. 3.5K

FRINGE – Virtual Solitaire – RiAus – 5K

To watch a man transition between five characters – all very distinct, with their own mannerisms and voices (including accents) – in a conversation with each other, is both awe inspiring and more than a little disconcerting. There is no confusion about who is saying what, there is no pause between each character’s interjections, no pieces …

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FRINGE – The Bunker Trilogy: Agamemnon – The Bunker – 4.5K

Two soldiers take shelter in a bunker, both wounded. The superior officer, Agamemnon (James Marlow), is quite seriously injured. There is no response on the phone line and little choice remains but to wait out the battle, with the company of a little medicinal rum, to either be rescued, captured or die. As he struggles …

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FRINGE – The Bunker Trilogy: Macbeth – The Bunker – 4K

Unlike the other two offerings in The Bunker Trilogy, Morgana and Agamemnon, Macbeth is not a modern rewriting of the story – the original Shakespearian text is used, the language retained. It is however presented in a contemporary manner with the action once again shifted to World War I. While this is an interesting backdrop …

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FRINGE – Now We Can Talk – Adina Grand Treasury – 4K

By torch-light, five individuals slowly wake up. In shadow you see another snippet of their stories. Devoid of sight, you are encouraged to meditate on the lives being lived above your head. Now it is time to talk, to share your own thoughts on various topics with one of these characters and, finally, to take …

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FRINGE – Miles Away – 3K

Set with only a bicycle stand upon a cloud-paneled backdrop, Miles Away tells the story of a woman’s struggles with past demons as she travels upon a road to self-discovery in the Australian outback. 3K