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THEATRE – Between Two Waves – Bakehouse – 4.5K

While Matt Crook’s apparent age may belie the academic he is portraying, everything else about his performance is masterful. No matter what levity he may bring to his conversations, Crook’s internalisation of a stress and worry borne of his research is scarily real. 4.5K

THEATRE: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – On The Fly – Bakehouse Theatre

On The Fly have chosen to use the well-loved (and conveniently out of copyright) characters from Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories as the basis for their latest improvisational offering. The five performances of the run are all structured around a different plot, so that each show is guaranteed to be unique. On an appropriately adaptable …

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THEATRE – The Last Continent – Bakehouse from Sept 19

The Last Continent is under construction using all the left over bits and pieces from other continents. Basically it is being held together with spit. If this is not a big enough problem, there is also something going on with the space/time continuum. Probably something to do with those pesky wizards at the Unseen University. See post for details

THEATRE – Sir Terry Pratchett’s Thief of Time – Bakehouse – Preview

If there’s anything the Discworld is good at, it’s assembling a full cast of heroes, even if they are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Sound complicated? Well that’s life isn’t it? (and time).

Come and see if you can sort it all out

THEATRE – Death In Bowengabbie – 4K

Death in Bowengabbie is a delightful way to usher in the new season of theatre. 4K

FRINGE – Summer of Blood – Bakehouse – 3.5K

The Summer of Blood is schlock unplugged, a gory visit to the entrails of a genre that otherwise needs no introduction. 3.5K

FRINGE – Miles Away – 3K

Set with only a bicycle stand upon a cloud-paneled backdrop, Miles Away tells the story of a woman’s struggles with past demons as she travels upon a road to self-discovery in the Australian outback. 3K

CLOSET LAND – Bakehouse Theatre

Closet Land is a tough gig for audience and actors alike. This production sadly finishes up as a bit of stretch for everyone.

THEATRE – Orphans – Bakehouse Theatre – Til 23 November – 4K

This is excellent theatre and Sam Callja’s performance alone warrants making a bee-line to the Bakehouse during this productions’ season. 4K

THEATRE – Orphans by Dennis Kelly – Bakehouse – From 7-23 Nov

Orphans is a psychological thriller which explores the conflict between family ties and moral responsibility. It is a relentless, brilliant and horrific trip into nightmare territory. See post for details.