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Fringe 2016: Zach and Tom – Best Friends – 4.5K

If the real skill of a comedian is to uncover humour where it normally goes unnoticed or overlooked then Zach Zucker and Tom Walker are naturals. Drawing comedy from all sources; from a simple volleyball match to an absurdist interpretation of a tree felling, these two will have you leave with a story to tell …

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FRINGE 2016: The Amy Winehouse Show – Back to Black – 4K

By Amy Nancarrow Renowned jazz singer Amy Winehouse may have lived a short and tragic life, but she could certainly sing. She has been posthumously crowned as one of the greats by jazz legend Tony Bennett – Winehouse’s personal hero – and it has been almost unanimously declared that she was one of the most …

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FRINGE 2016: Luminous – 3K

By Amy Nancarrow. Black lights. UV Paint. Circus performances. It’s a match made in psychedelic heaven, and this is what Sydney troupe Art Kinetica attempt with their performance of Luminous, a show filled with contortionists, circus performers, and an other-worldly cast of creatures. The concept is fantastic, and in a lot of ways, Luminous does …

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FRINGE 2016 – Puddles Pity Party – Garden – Rating 4.5K – Review by Julie Robins

The queue that formed after the show to wait for Puddles cuddles showed just how many hearts this show won. 4.5K

Fringe 2016 – Yeti’s Demon Dive Bar – The Garden of Unearthly Delights – The Deluxe– 4K

By Tom Eckert Yeti’s Demon Dive Bar, a production from EastEnd Cabaret and Dead Man Comedy who also brought us East End Caberet, presents us with another exercise in the delightfully absurd. You soon give up on following the narrative of this show for, whilst it is there, it swings so rapidly between the earnest and …

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FRINGE 2016 – CABARET – Peter Goers in Actors Drunks etc – 4.5K

Peter Goers is great and this show is a gem. 4.5K

Fringe 2016 – Hotel Tokyo – Gluttony – The Octagon – 2K

By Tom Eckert   Hotel Tokyo are giving nothing away with their title or description and so you are left to draw your own conclusions before walking into The Octagon. However, upon taking your seat and letting your eyes wander over the Pokémon-onesie clad cast bounding around the edge taking selfie’s with the audience decked out …

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THEATRE – Echoes – Holden Street – 4.5K

Both women give compelling performances. Sure to be a Fringe 2016 theatre highlight. 4.5K