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THEATRE – The Long Way Home – Dunstan Playhouse – 4K

The Long Way Home was developed by Sydney Theatre Company, at the invitation of, and in conjunction with, the Australian Defence Force, following a similar project by director Stephen Rayne in the United Kingdom. It is brought to Adelaide in conjunction with the State Theatre Company of South Australia. While biographical plays are not uncommon, this production …

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FESTIVAL – The Seagull – STC Scenic Workshop – 4.5K

All in all this is a creative and superbly produced and performed play. This Seagull soars. 4.5K

THEATRE: Maggie Stone – STCSA – Space Theatre – 4K

Maggie Stone (Kris McQuade) works for a bank, evaluating potential borrowers for small loans. She has quite clearly been around the block a couple of times and knows that life isn’t all puppies and rainbows. After her refusal to grant Precious Deng (Shedrick Yarkpai) money leads to him making a decision that has tragic consequences, …

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Vere – Playhouse – Til 2nd November – 4K

Vere (or Faith) is ostensibly about the impact of rapid on-set dementia on a brilliant mind and man. But at its core, and the substance that makes the play ‘extraordinary’ is that that sadness gives the forum for a debate about beliefs, about people’s faith. 4K

THEATRE: Brief Encounter – Kneehigh (STCSA season 2013) – Dunstan Playhouse – 4.5K

What do you do if you meet the love of your life and it’s not the person you’re married to? UK based theatre company Kneehigh (as part of the State Theatre Company of South Australia’s 2013 season) presents an adaptation of Nöel Coward’s Brief Encounter; a film from 1945 which was itself a reworking of …

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If you are looking for a good bellyache or just the play to break in a young mind to the joys of theatre, few things offer a better time than this Complete Works. 3.5K

THEATRE: Random – State Theatre Company of SA – Space Theatre – 4K

In a working class home in London, we witness the beginning of a new day for a family of four. Things progress as usual: it’s a struggle to get out of bed for the son, the daughter is distracted by boy trouble, the mother has burnt the porridge and the father is still asleep, having …

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HEDDA GABLER – Playhouse – Til 18 May – 3.5K

State Theatre’s modern adaptation via Murray-Smith is slick. Alison Bell successfully takes on one of the most demanding roles in theatre, seemingly preferring to paint her Hedda as a manipulating villain rather than say a victim of circumstance or an idealist fighting against society. 3.5K

HEDDA GABLER By Henrik Ibsen – State Theatre Company from 26 April

Ibsen’s enigmatic heroine is brought to life by one of Australia’s most exciting young actors, Alison Bell, in a STCSA new adaptation of Hedda Gabler by leading Australian playwright Joanna Murray-Smith. See post for details – opens 26 April.

STCSA – In The Next Room – 4K

The most impressive element of this play was the ability to create and secure a character of refinement, going to lengths to express just how modest and polite they would be in all circumstances, and then placing them so far beyond the limits of their comfort zone. This results in unbridled lust and unmatched hilarity. 4K