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“to the cynics, it was a band representing a genre that had died around ten years ago for a reason. For the rest of us, it was one of the most entertaining and exciting sets we’d seen, and won’t be forgotten any time soon”

(ADELAIDE FRINGE 2012) Marcel Blanch-de Wilt “Fät Wânk” Interview (comedy)

By Calen Vanstone (interview link) Some people think art is a load of wank. Other people think a load of wank is art. Our protagonist believes art could be the answer as he heads on an absurd exploration of life through religion, drugs, love and office work to discover if it’s just a …

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(ADELAIDE FRINGE 2012) Dave Callan “The Psychology Of Laughter” Interview (comedy)

During the last Edinburgh Fringe Dave found a book called ‘The Psychology of Laughter’. written 100 years ago. He read it. Then he wrote this show. Now you are reading this. To complete the process, come see the show.

(ADELAIDE FRINGE 2012) Jason Chong “Where’s The Remote” Interview (kid’s show)

After 4 1/2 stars and a Judges’ Commendation at the 2010 Adelaide Fringe, Jason Chong brings Reel Life back – rebooted for kids!
Movies come to life as Jason interacts with a huge screen to save his angel and defeat his devil in true Hollywood style! (Hollywood style not guaranteed)

(ADELAIDE FRINGE 2012) Kieran McNamara “Press Play” Interview (theatre)

For Fringe 2012, Duende present three short plays over two weeks at the hub of New Australian Theatre, the Studio at the Bakehouse Theatre.

(ADELAIDE FRINGE 2012) Kel Balnaves “Do Not Feed The Demon” Interview (stand-up comedy)

“There’s a demon in everyone’s life that ruins some of your great experiences. A demon that is summoned by the question: “What could possibly go wrong?” Kel was warned not to feed the demon…”

Little Two Eyes: All the things I never told you & why (Debut EP)

Little Two Eyes are an angelic alternative pop band; brutally delicate and mood driven arrangements juxtaposed against fragile and explosive moments, and a gritty live energy that lingers with you long after you’ve left the venue.