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FRINGE 2015: A Simple Space – Royal Croquet Club – The Menagerie – 5K

Described as “Cirque Du Soleil with a fistful of grit” it is raw inconceivable strength of determination that entertains, leaving the audience as breathless as these superhuman acrobats must surely be with their physical performance. 5K

FRINGE 2015: Hot Brown Honey – Royal Croquet Club – Ukiyo – 4K

The creativity of this show is as great as the party atmosphere it builds up until the audience can no longer resist moving to the beats. 4K

FRINGE 2015 – Elvis Hates Me – Producers Warehouse- 3K

Highlights have to be the vital energy, the diverse and distinct characterisations of Craig McArdle and a strong sense of physical and aesthetic style running throughout. 3K

FRINGE 2015: A F*#king Mad Tea Party – The Elephant British Pub – 4K

This Mad Tea Party has been created by University of Ballarat Arts Academy graduates Samantha Wojcik and Timothy Christopher Ryan. A madly entertaining mix of physical theatre, dance, burlesque and song set in a imaginative psychedelic Wonderland following Alice down the rabbit hole where she is confronted by some well known characters. Exploring the madness …

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FRINGE 2015: Kinski and I – The Studio, Holden Street Theatres – 3K

Kinski and I, is an interesting experience. It explores the life of German actor Klaus Kinski, through readings from the original (since banned) text of his autobiography and small snippets of other information provided by presenter C J Johnson. Less like a traditional theatre production and more like a documentary – biographical dialogue accompanied by …

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FRINGE 2015: Geraldine Quinn – MDMA: Modern Day Maiden Aunt – The Producers Warehouse – 5K

If there was an award for the most under-recognised and under-appreciated cabaret talent in Australia, Geraldine Quinn would have to top my nominations. For a decade, she’s been writing and performing slick musical comedy shows that always leave their audiences satisfied, and MDMA: Modern Day Maiden Aunt is another fine example of the genre. In …

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FRINGE 2015 – MUSH AND ME – HST – 3.5K

Given the currently increasing discussion about the role of the Muslim community in this country, Mush and Me is clear about how a modern cosmopolitan country needs to accept and respect in equal measure differing perspectives of God and the world around them. 3.5K


How many theatre shows get a near spontaneous standing ovation and cheering from their audience – this was the stuff normally reserved for rock stars! 5K