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FRINGE: Theatre – Breaker – Holden Street Theatres, the Arch – 4K

In a school room on a small island, two strangers meet. Dan (Finn den Hertog) has come to the remote community in search of the town of his grannie’s tales, while Sunna (Hannah Donaldson) is the local teacher – a born and bred islander, who doesn’t take kindly to interfering city boys. Over the course …

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FRINGE 2013 – Glory Dazed – Holden Street – 5K

I appreciate it’s a big call even before the Fringe has started, but this is as good a piece of theatre as one is likely to see at this year’s festival. 5K

FRINGE – Two Points of Reality – Move through Life – 3.5K

For those who are not the ones to really understand the message of dance, Two Points of Reality will make you comprehend the effects of dementia. 3.5K

FRINGE: Drowning in Veronica Lake – Theatre – Holden Street Theatres – 4K

This is a very interesting look at the life of Veronica Lake and gives insight into the woman behind the Hollywood pin-up. It will have definite appeal for any fans of the late actress but is also an engaging and quality piece of theatre in its own right. 4K

FRINGE-The Terrible Infants-Holden Street Theatre-5k

Fringe goers who venture off the beaten track will be rewarded handsomely if they travel up to Holden Street in Hindmarsh where they will be treated to this fantastic show in the fittingly crumbling surroundings of the Arch Theatre.  The Terrible Infants is a collection of intertwined vignettes adapted from Oliver Lansley’s dark children’s stories …

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FRINGE: Fleeto – Theatre – Holden Street Theatres – 4K

Fleeto is powerful theatre. It is a revealing, and rather depressing, journey into the world of the lower classes, which are looked down upon and often feared by others. 4K

FRINGE: His Ghostly Heart – Theatre – Holden Street Theatres – 4K

This is a distinctive theatrical experience and a fine production of a well written, thought-provoking play. The two performers create a realistic and emotive picture despite the sensory deprivation. 4K

FRINGE: Wee Andy – Theatre – Holden Street Theatres – 4.5K

This is one of those shows which remind you that truly moving theatre does not need to be complicated or flashy; the most important facets are the performances of the actors, the eloquence of the writing and the power of the story being told. Wee Andy is nothing but quality in all of these areas. 4.5K