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RAW: Africa by My Darling Patricia – Space – Til 14th May – 4K

It is refreshing to see a theatrical work that focuses on the realities of home grown Australian domestic life rather than the usual struggles of refugees or indigenous Australia. Refreshing but sobering. It is perhaps a coincidence only that Africa opens in Adelaide in the same week or so as Chris Lilley’s Angry Boys does …

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RAW: November – State Theatre Company – Dunstan Playhouse – 3K

Though not a triumph, there is potential in this show and hopefully as the run goes on, the energy will rise and it will be fulfilled. 3K


In association with the State Theatre Company, Kryztoff is pleased to announce details of its STC Gold Pass competition to be run until midnight Sunday 1st May 2011. See the post for full details on how to enter.

RAW: Wicked – Festival Theatre Til 4th June – 4.5K

Adelaide has to wait a long time to get these Broadway musical blockbusters but this has been worth waiting for and a thoroughly enjoyable evening for all ages is waiting for you til 4th June at the Festival Theatre.

RAW: Danny Boyle’s Frankenstein – Review – 4K

Danny Boyle’s Frankenstein is a theatrical and cinematic experience and if this is your first take at live theatre at the Palace Cimemas, then you may well find in years to come it becomes one of those where were you when you first saw … moments, along with things like colour television.

RAW: Turns – Her Majesty’s Til 16th April – 3.5K

Two of Australia’s finest theatre treasures, Reg Livermore and Nancye Hayes, are in Adelaide to present Livermore’s Turns, ‘a pantomime with a twist’.

Leader of the Pack – Northern Light Theatre Company – 3.5K

This was an enjoyable production. While lighter on plot than most musicals, it provided an opportunity to hear Ellie Greenwich’s hit songs performed live and gave a little insight into the woman behind the music. 3.5K

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) – Dunstan Playhouse – 4K

Not all of the jokes succeeded, but enough did so that laughter resounded through the auditorium. Although some individuals may find the lowbrow humour that is undeniably present in this show irksome, the opening night audience’s reaction indicates that the majority will enjoy it for the amusing and gentle mockery that it is. 4K