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FESTIVAL – Murder – Erth – 3.5K

To be sure, audiences need to be ready for Murder (and not just well hydrated) with its complexities, strobe lighting and the like but Erth has produced a memorable production that will reward your indulgence. 3.5K

FRINGE 2013 – Tumble Circus: This is what we do for a living – The Birdcage – 4K

Up a flight of inconspicuous stairs lit with electric candles, down a seemingly endless prison-beige hallway resides The Birdcage, the most beautiful condemned cinema you will ever see. Radiohead’s Creep fills the cavernous space. Pastel coloured metal folding chairs line the shallow stepped stairs, the shrieking scrapes as they are pulled out and shuffled around …

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Freefall Town Hall 4.5K

Freefall is an acrobatic based show which, using sarcastic and awkward comic undertones, explores the subject of fear. From the instant the lights go up, the stage is a flurry of movement. The six performers move so quickly and so constantly that watching the show is similar to peering through a kaleidoscope, so beautiful but …

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ADELAIDE FRINGE 2013 – A Circus Affair – 3K

By Anthony Nguyen Weaving in a mix of circus, comedy and romance, comes the whimsical story of A Circus Affair, produced by the Australian-based circus company, Circosis. A duo performance from lovable characters Mr Kiko (Andrew Cook) and Sarita (Sarah Mason), it tells the story of two aspiring performers who take on the world whilst …

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Kids Fringe Come and Try – 111 Franklin St – 3.5K

There were so many activities programmed for the youngsters, so I am sure you will be able to spend more time exploring and finding new and exciting things every day that this event is on. 3.5K

FINGE 2013 – Limbo – Garden – 5K

To be sure Limbo is not the cheapest ticket in town but there is no risk of not getting your money’s worth – a thrill for all ages and a reason why the Garden is the centre of the Adelaide Fringe. 5K

FRINGE 2013 – The Candy Butchers – Garden – 4.5K

With a strong finale of theatrical acrobatics, eerie sounds and dark emotions that creates a mood akin to a piece of H.P. Lovecraft pulp fiction, The Candy Butchers is an act that definitely speaks for itself and will bring you to your feet, whilst simultaneously leaving you to beg the question: What the hell did I just see? 4.5K

Circa – Her Majesty’s Til 19th May – 5K

May seems to dance month in Adelaide this year and unless Leigh Warren and his troupe have some real surprises in store tonight, Circa comfortably tops the ratings. What a show, what strength, what grace, what characters. 5K

FRINGE – Cirque de Gymnastique – Retrospective – 4.5K

Definitely a great show mixed in with film and some great tracks. 4.5K

FRINGE – Adelaide Comedy Debate – Arkaba – 2.5K

At nearly four hours long, it was perhaps a little drawn out, but it was an enjoyable evening. 2.5K