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Performing Art

RAW: Speaking In Tongues – 4.5K

The potential for human folly, for the search for something beyond what is more than adequate is well explored in Andrew Bovell’s 1996 classic Speaking In Tongues now brilliantly revived and presented by the State Theatre Company. 4.5K

RAW: Innocence – Accidental Productions – 4K

While laced with moments that are harsh, sweet, funny, cruel, dark and light, Innocence is probably best enjoyed by committed theatregoers who will respond with enthusiasm to the play and the players’ performances.

RAW: Cabaret Festival – The Jitterbug Club – 3K

The Hoodoo Emporium’s Jitterbug Club is like a late-night underground 1930s jazz club in New York. It’s cheeky and kitsch.

RAW: Cabaret Festival – Amy Housewine: Back to Crack – Banquet Room – 4K

Just how many songs changed to be about drugs can be funny in a row? Performer Lisa Adam, and co-writer Trevor Ashley, have structured the evening well to ensure this doesn’t get old. Adam has a wonderful voice, certainly matching the vocal talents of the lady that is her inspiration. 4K

RAW: Cabaret Festival – Storm Large – 4.5K

One was perhaps unprepared for a dose of biographical outpouring by the ‘sexually omnivorous’ American Storm Large. Not sure too many of the audience were but they sure as hell got their money’s worth. 4.5K

RAW: Cabaret Fringe – A Modest Exhibit By Charles Sanders – 4.5K

If you are into the Cabaret Fringe this is one show that will surpass all others. A star in the making and this show is by no means a modest exhibit of an extraordinary talent. 4.5K

RAW: Cabaret Festival – Josie In The Bathhouse – 2.5K

Men in towels. There really are worse sights to see on a freezing Adelaide winter Friday night. 2.5K

RAW: Cabaret Fringe – A Night of Dangerous Liasons, The Prom – 4K

A celebration of powerful femininity. 4K

RAW: Cabaret Festival – Freeway – The Chet Baker Journey – 4K

This is top flight cabaret, not without risk to present a tribute in such a mirrored way for both Draxl and McNelis but both succeed admirably.

RAW: Cabaret Festival – Simon Burke – Festival Centre Stage – 4K

Burke’s voice is full and rich, showing why he has got to the level he has in musical theatre. His choice of material is a good mixture of fun and sincerity. 4K