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RAW: Cabaret Festival – Michael Feinstein Sings Sinatra – 5K

Just the consummate performer and performance and one of the highlights of the festival, far surpassing how it opened with ONJ. 5K

RAW: Cabaret Festival – An Evening With Jimmy Web – 2.5K

Been there, done that. 2.5K

RAW: Racism in the AFL a thing of the past?

However it would seem that 18 years on from Winmar’s famous gesture towards the Collingwood supporters, and 12 years on from the last suspension of an AFL player for racial vilification, racism has once again surfaced in the game.

RAW: Colourful debate on plain cigarette packaging

Big tobacco sees a real threat about to hit their brands. And that is the un-branding of their product. Maybe the reason we haven’t seen such a strong response like this from tobacco industries previously is because they haven’t particularly seen the threat.

RAW: Beyond Our Borders – Espionage Gallery – July 9 – Preview

Beyond Our Borders is a one-night exhibition directed at advocating and raising funds for Compassion Australia, an organisation that supports child growth and development in poverty-stricken countries. See post for details.

RAW: Cabaret Festival – The Jitterbug Club – 3K

The Hoodoo Emporium’s Jitterbug Club is like a late-night underground 1930s jazz club in New York. It’s cheeky and kitsch.

RAW: Cabaret Festival – Storm Large – 4.5K

One was perhaps unprepared for a dose of biographical outpouring by the ‘sexually omnivorous’ American Storm Large. Not sure too many of the audience were but they sure as hell got their money’s worth. 4.5K

RAW: Cabaret Fringe – A Modest Exhibit By Charles Sanders – 4.5K

If you are into the Cabaret Fringe this is one show that will surpass all others. A star in the making and this show is by no means a modest exhibit of an extraordinary talent. 4.5K

RAW: Volcano Cloud – Virgin On A Customer PR Debacle

Bottom line, Virgin and the other airlines just don’t care. You are number to be tolerated, Basil Fawlty style, until it make sense to stuff you around for their own gain.

RAW: Gay Marriage – Qld Conf Adds Pressure To Gillard

There seems to be an underlying fear that the more socially acceptable you make homosexuality, the more homosexuals there will be.