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RAW: Socceroos Crowd Farce

What counts is the fiction we were told about how everyone was going and the motives behind it being to once again try to justify this fiscal madness that Adelaide Oval needs to have its capacity lifted from 38,000 to 50,000 for a cost to taxpayers of $535m+.

RAW: Film – X-Men: First Class – 3K

All over X-Men: First Class does not live up to expectations, even with the efforts from the cast. First Class allows itself to be bogged down with the original X-Men story lines, rushing to establish characters, relationships and in-jokes that reference the cartoon and original movies, all of which bury the more significant and interesting plot lines. 3K

RAW: What’s Wong?

Yes my headline is petty. It’s a weak pun at best, seemingly racist and condescending, which is a perfect set up for discussing the political discourse that has occurred over the last few days.

RAW: Cabaret Fringe Festival Gala – The Promethean – 1 June

The Cabaret Fringe Festival – the lesser known cousin of the international Cabaret Festival – high-kicked off to a grand start at The Prom on 1 June 2011. One of my favourite venues in Adelaide, the intimate Prom accommodated both distinguished guests and keen punters for a high energy display of the best of the June fest.

RAW: Human Rights Arts & Film Festival

The Human Rights Arts and Film Festival returns to Adelaide from 9 to 12 June with a program that seeks to raise awareness of human rights issues around the world through award-winning films and engaging visual arts. See post for details and links.

RAW: Soweto Gospel Choir – Her Majesty’s – Til 3rd June – 4K

Adelaide is blessed to have an African troupe coming through annually and if the sounds of that continent excite you then a Soweto Gospel Choir ticket is one you need to get.

RAW: The Zoo Story – Space – Til 4th June – 4K

This is a simple play – one act, one lazing set and two players – but it conveys a myriad of meanings and issues that broach social class and taboos, the contented and safe pretences and hubris of the gainfully and well rewarded employed the those who struggle day by day.

RAW: As Port Teeters, So Does Adelaide Oval. Here’s Why.

But with the returns from Adelaide Oval to the SANFL greatly reduced as a part of the ‘new deal’ that saves Port will they wish to be a part of it all? It took a lot of money and cajoling to get them as far as they did at the start of this month. Now that it is about to blow up in their faces, will they wish to back out and plough on with the Crows only at Football Park?

RAW: Karin Schaupp and Katie Noonan – Songs From The English Isles – 3.5K

To be sure the show was a very pleasant evening’s entertainment, enjoyable in one of those ‘we could have sat there all night’ senses. 3.5K

RAW: How The SANFL Is Also Being Stitched Up By The Adelaide Oval Deal

That now near infamous telephone call placed by AFL Chief Andrew Demetriou with SACA President, Ian McLachlan, in August 2007 may well go down as the most pivotal moment in this State’s sport.