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RAW: AFL Footy Wrap Round 9

So Taylor Walker had a drink! Wow! The sanctimonious Gerard Healey and self righteous Tony Shaw described Walker as being ‘silly’ with the potential to ‘affect the whole fabric of the club’

RAW: Planking? Be Afraid, Very Afraid – The Nanny State Is After You

“NSW police have ruled out planking in the cause of a man being induced into a coma after falling off the back of a car” said the newsreader today on Channel 7. The news came as if to bring relief that the ‘planking’ epidemic wasn’t continuing to grow.

RAW: A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum – 4K

Adelaide is most fortunate to have a theatre company devoted to musicals like the Gilbert and Sullivan Society of SA. Not only devoted to that genre (which is enjoying a surge in popularity over the past five years or so) but capable of delivering a great show as well. 4K

RAW: SA Arts In Decay – In Conversation With Fenella Kernebone

Last night’s terrific In Conversation With hosted by Fenella Kernebone to a mostly full Space Theatre did more than just look at the issue of whether arts bodies could act collaboratively rather than competitively when seeking audiences. Indeed it laid bare the decay of the arts in this state, at every level from facilities to mojo, from tourism support to our status as the nation’s leader and innovator in the sector.

RAW: Film – Snowtown – 5K

This is an Australian cinema classic and while there is nothing uplifting about the story, it will leave you pondering what world we exactly live in when this can happen seemingly just up the road. 5K

RAW: Strength In Numbers – Crown & Anchor – 22nd May 5-9pm

Clear your schedule on May 22nd because Strength in Numbers, nicknamed S.I.N is the all age’s charity concert of the century. Five indie/alternative bands will be coming together to ensure those dancing shoes are worn out by the end of the night.

RAW: Time For Yarwood To Go

In the light of developments this morning on the State Government’s plans to blast the ACC off controlling the Adelaide Oval precinct, it is time for Lord Mayor Stepehn Yarwood to reconsider his position.

RAW: Adelaide Oval et al To No Longer Be Under ACC Custodianship

As reported on Matt and Dave this morning, the State Government has told the ACC it is not interested in its concerns or issues about the Adelaide Oval leases and precinct. It is simply going to legislate to take control itself and hand it over to the SMA to manage, as per the SMA constitution.


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RAW: Lowering The Driving Licence Age – Comment

Road Safety Minister Tom Kenyon has this week put forth a collection of proposals that could be used to help lower the road toll fatalities and casualties over the next 10 years to under 80 a year.