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Jun 11

Adelaide Cabaret Festival – The Composer is Dead – 4K


By Amy Nancarrow. Frank Woodley returns to Adelaide in all his slapstick comedy glory in The Composer is Dead. Teaming up with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, “Inspector” Woodley works his way through the various sections of the band, trying to figure out who murdered the composer of the orchestra’s waltz. He investigate the strings, brass, woodwinds …

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Aug 12

ASO – Mahler’s 7th Symphony

The ASO provided a superb execution of what is undoubtedly a truly demanding work. The orchestra’s ability was well exhibited; Mahler’s technically awkward, avant-garde themes and use of musical extremities tested each instrumentalist.

Jul 30

ASO – Mahler – The Song of the Earth

The ASO’s eight year Mahler Cycle project is in its penultimate phase with two works this year before the epic journey concludes in 2013. Saturday evening’s Das Lied Von Der Erde (The Song of the Earth) certainly suggests the project will end as another landmark for the ASO.

Apr 15

Music – Titanic Anniversary – Adelaide Symphony Orchestra – Fest Theatre – 5K

Titanic Anniversary was another spectacular performance presented by the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. 5K

Feb 26

FRINGE – Santos ASO Symphony under the Stars – Elder Park – 5K

The Symphony under the Stars provides an opportunity to gasp, hum, tap, clap or cheer; an experience unparalleled to that had within the confines and etiquette of a concert hall. The sounds of enjoyment emanating from the audience throughout the performance were a declaration of the success of Symphony under the Stars. 5K

Feb 17

Music – Tim Minchin vs Adelaide Symphony Orchestra – AEC

On the whole, Minchin’s inspired idea to bulk up his anthems of modern hypocrisy with an orchestral backing paid dividends as the show offered exquisite musical performance to match the thought-provoking comedic material.

Feb 13

ASO – The King’s Singers – Festival Theatre – Feb 10

With impeccable vocal blend, serene and precise sound, The King’s Singers and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra provided an evening of magnificent music.