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FRINGE – Clare Ford – ConsciousMess – 2K

Clare Ford brings a huge amount of energy to her one woman show. Located in the Red Room above the Austral Hotel the show has an intimate but vibrant feel. Immediately as you enter it is sensory overload. You find yourself faced with a woman wearing flippers and a snorkel, lit in a myriad of …

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I Am Google – Austral – 4K

Guests are welcomed with cookies so that their browsers will work, a good indication on how geeky this show is going to be. I am Google, performed by Craig Ricci Shaynak, who has quite an amazing bio of his own (see his website below), takes us into the world of Google, search engines and social …

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FRINGE – Shaggers – Austral – 2.5K

If you have had a few at the Austral and looking for a last show before going home (may be for some shagging), then Shaggers could round off your night. As a special occasion, much better is on offer. 2.5K