Tag: Brink Productions

THEATRE – Long Tan – Brink – Space – 3K

Chris Petridis’s lighting is a highlight with Luke Smiles’s soundscape excellent as well. Nikd Krieg, Mémé Thorne and Chris Pitman do well but like battles and war themselves much of the others’ characters were lost in the fog. 3K

THEATRE – Lally Katz – Stories I Want to Tell You in Person – 3.5K

The show is funny, Katz is on song throughout its 80 minutes and a nicely crafted costume change sets up the finale. In form it may seem like the type of show that fills the tents in February and March, but this is a class above that lot. 3.5K

FESTIVAL – Thursday – Norwood Concert Hall – Til 16 March – 4.5K

For top flight theatre, there will be few other productions that will come close to Thursday – anytime, anywhere – in Adelaide this year. 4.5K

Theatre – Land & Sea – Brink Productions – Queen’s Theatre – 4K

Those who can appreciate theatre as an experience rather than just an exercise in storytelling will reap the rewards on offer from this production. 4K