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By Calen Vanstone   Not too many musicians can be credited for influencing numerous modern-day bands, or even be credited for the creation of a genre, and still be going strong with their own music to this day.   Page Hamilton, frontman and songwriter for alternative-metal band Helmet, is one of those few. Helmet began …

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MUTEMATH (USA) Interview

By Calen Vanstone   Since releasing their latest album, Odd Soul, Mutemath elevated from “who?” to “ah yeah, those guys”, here in Australia. However, back in their home country of the United States of America, things are a bit different.   They’ve released three studio albums, four E.P.’s, and two live albums. They’ve appeared on …

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The Golden Phung host Adelaide Comedy’s 1st “Sketch Comedy Night” Tues 17th at The Arkaba

LIVE SKETCH COMEDY! The Golden Phung return to the stage after a 5 star Fringe Season alongside fellow sketch troupes; Gravity Boots and the Ridiculous Files …For One Night only!