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The Laramie Project – Ten Years Later – Higher Ground – 4.5K

We talk a lot of what good things there are in our local theatre but struggle to sometimes locate it. This, ladies and gentlemen, is it – our best on and off stage performers of the next generation are all here at Higher Ground til Oct 14th. Don’t say you weren’t told – 4.5K

Love Child – Higher Ground – 4.5K

Early Worx’s Love Child should have no problems putting our local theatre on the international map. 4.5K

FRINGE – Ladies In Waiting – Higher Ground – 4.5K

This piece is definitely a hit, with anyone who has a mother, sister, friend or lover able to very much relate to many of these thoughts that run through these ladies’ minds. 4.5K

RAW: SEX ON STAGE!!! – 121 and Slicing and Dicing

Slicing and Dicing – This is all great fun and one can only imagine the rehearsals were a treat to be involved in. Peter Dunn’s direction is spot on, all the cast warm to their tasks and the music and effects bring it all home.

RAW: Early Worx – Not Enough Oxygen & Seven Jewish Children – 4K

Anyone interested in either topic – over population and the way the state and people try to handle it and ther Jewish question, should ensure they get along to Higher Ground during this season. 4K

RAW: Charles Sanders In Profile

Adelaide audiences with a keenness to support developing star talent ought to find the time to get behind Sanders’ Early Worx productions before this talent too moves on to greener pastures.

RAW: Cabaret Fringe – A Modest Exhibit By Charles Sanders – 4.5K

If you are into the Cabaret Fringe this is one show that will surpass all others. A star in the making and this show is by no means a modest exhibit of an extraordinary talent. 4.5K

RAW: Elevate – Higher Ground – Cab Fringe Preview

Last night’s vignettes of what patrons can expect at this year’s Cabaret Fringe Festival augur well for a strong season when it kicks off on Wednesday with its Royal Gala at the Promethean.

RAW: Modern American Masters – Early Worx – Higher Ground

This was a teriffic local production well worth engaging with for a short dose, straight up, of Americana in all its kitschiness, tragedy and brashness. 3.5K