Tag: Dawson Nichols

FRINGE 2015: Stop Start – Bakehouse Theatre: Main Stage – 5K

At its heart, Stop Start is an intricately crafted portrait of two brothers, estranged for a long time, with a shared past, but with very different recollections of the details. It is also an interesting exploration of addiction and craving, their history, and the different ways they can manifest themselves. The show has a self-aware …

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FRINGE – Virtual Solitaire – RiAus – 5K

To watch a man transition between five characters – all very distinct, with their own mannerisms and voices (including accents) – in a conversation with each other, is both awe inspiring and more than a little disconcerting. There is no confusion about who is saying what, there is no pause between each character’s interjections, no pieces …

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