Tag: Fringe 2011 Comedy reviews

FRINGE: Beer And Loathing – Rhino Room (Beer Garden) – 4.5K

From our quaint politicians and their ethical dilemmas to a general sh*t on the liver session about most things happening in this country, Brooks is the funny guy in the bar that draws a crowd that just wants to hang there hoping that his fun never finishes. 4.5K

FRINGE: Dead Cat Bounce – Excess at Gluttony – 4K

Their Caged Heat shows were terrific while their Bootlegs seemed just an excuse to jam, where little of their band’s personalities got a run. 4K

FRINGE: Jason Byrne – Garden – 4K

Byrne’s comedy is Irish with panache. His show continues at a great level of energy throughout, thriving off of the audience. Rarely does it look like he’s following a script of any kind, freestyling greatly off of objects thrown at him onstage, or people he singles out in the crowd. 4K

FRINGE – Comedy – Sexytime – Adelaide Town Hall – 3K

This is not high-brow humour – the tone is somewhat close to that of a Will Ferrell movie – though that’s not to say that some aspects of the show aren’t clever. It’s certainly an original idea and is carried off well by the performers. 3K

FRINGE: Danny McGinlay Food Dude – Gelatissimo – 4K

All in all, Food Dude, proved to be a fun and fast paced sixty minutes, loose and with that unscripted feeling that all decent Fringe comedy should have. 4K

FRINGE: Hannah Gadsby – Rhino Room – 2.5K

Mrs. Chuckles is undoubtedly an entertaining show, and I can honestly say that I chuckled at least once, but I would advise anyone who is keen for some real ‘side-splitting’ humour to keep looking. 2.5K

FRINGE: Zack Adams – Comedy – Tuxedo Cat – 3K

Performed ably in the brilliantly derelict Tuxedo Cat venue, Zack Adams generally delighted as he led the audience to poke fun at his failures as a boyfriend and as an artist. 3K

FRINGE – Comedy – Deanne Smith: About Freakin’ Time – Rhino Room – 4.5K

In a rare feat for a comedian, Deanne Smith delivers exactly what her Fringe advertising says she will. She does this in a friendly and engaging manner that makes her very easy to like. It is a consistently amusing and enjoyable offering. 4.5K

FRINGE: Axis of Awesome – Garden – 4K

If you are only going to see one show this Fringe, you can’t go wrong with these professional, tight, delightful, latter day Flanders and Swan showmen.

FRINGE: Comedy – Eddie Ifft – Arts Theatre – 4K

Though rude, crude and controversial the show was fast paced and snappy. Not recommended for the faint hearted, but if you’re not highly conservative and don’t mind the odd cringe moment then go and see Eddie Ifft do his thing! 4K