Tag: Fringe 2011 Visual Arts Reviews

FRINGE: Funny People By Julia Clarke – Urban Cow Studio – 4K

At just 24, Julia Clarke has decided both art and comedy are her obsessions and she has combined them in a stunning exhibition at the Urban Cow Studio producing around 20 portraits of Australia’s really funny people. 4K

FRINGE: Buskers of Adelaide – Matt Carty 3.5K

Matt Carty has attempted to undertake an archival historical recording of some of the colorful characters that light up our streets. The shots are rendered in beautiful rich black and white which give focus and ambiguity to the frames and a depth of richness all at once. 3.5K

FRINGE: Helpmann Academy Grad Exhibition – Drill Hall – 4K

This is a quality exhibition and adds to the Fringe’s reputation as genuine visual arts festival in its own right to partner SALA. 4K

FRINGE: Into The Fringe – Gary Cockburn – Adel Town Hall – 4.5K

Cockburn seeks to ‘capture as much of the energy, beauty and passion of the Fringe as possible’ and he achieves that admirably again. His photographs drip with beautiful colours (his reds a feature), are infused with skilled use of light and carry subtle use of mood and motion to lift what may otherwise be considered mundane. 4.5K