Tag: Fringe 2016 reviews

Fringe 2016 – Stuart Bowden – She Was Probably Not A Robot – Garden of Unearthly Delights – Rating 4K – Review by Julie Robins.

“She Was Probably Not a Robot” is an endearingly funny absurdist comedy featuring music, dance and minimalist props about surfing through an apocalypse and coming out the other side.

Fringe 2016 – The Walking Dreads – Fabien Clark – Producers Cranny – Rating 4K – Review by Julie Robins

The Walking Dreads is a clever comedy show by Fabien Clark about divorce, Tinder, and the horrors of re-entering the world of dating.

Fringe 2016 – La Pena Flamenca – La Boheme – 4.5K

With excellent guitar accompaniment throughout by Aloysius Leeson and Marduk Gault , Pena Flamenca is a very accomplished and enjoyable experience. 4.5K

Fringe 2016 – Knee Deep – Casus Circus – The Garden – Rating 4K – Review by Julie Robins

The beautiful and surprising images they create, especially those involving eggs and aerial ribbons, linger long after the show has finished. 4K

FRINGE 2016 – CIRCUS – VELVET – The Garden – 4K

As always, with Velvet as their headline Circus act, The Garden producers have delivered a great show. 4K

THEATRE – Labels – Holden Street – 3.5K

Excellent theatre except for a five minute polemic near the end. 3.5K