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FESTIVAL – ADT’S Proximity – Her Majesty’s – 4K

With the use of film, Garry Stewart’s work Proximity creates a multi dimension of choreographic aspects, with a diversity of perception allowing an alternating experience as an audience member.4K

RAW: ADT – Worldhood – 5K

Excelling far ahead of its time, ADT’s work defines what 21st century ballet is. No exception to this is Stewart’s latest work Worldhood. 5K

RAW: Worldhood – ADT with Thom Buchanan – Aug 10-13 Her Majesty’s

After an extensive European tour, world-renowned Australian Dance Theatre returns home to the Adelaide stage with the world premiere of its new work, Worldhood, by Garry Stewart featuring Thom Buchanan with TAFE SA Adelaide College of the Arts, from 10 – 13 August at Her Majesty’s Theatre.