Tag: Holden Street Theatre

A PROMENADE OF SHORTS – Red Phoenix Theatre – Holden Street – 4.5K

Bold and imaginative in conception and delivery, A Promenade of Shorts is a wonderful return to local theatre in this town. 4.5K

FRINGE 2016 – CABARET – Peter Goers in Actors Drunks etc – 4.5K

Peter Goers is great and this show is a gem. 4.5K

FRINGE 2015: King in Exile Holden St Theatre – 4.5K

The humble Holden Street Theatre hosts The King In Exile, a witty, fantastical exploration of culture, regime change and impotence in many of its forms. Initially, the play is focused on an alien king removed from his home planet and placed in Australia, where he faces traumatizing adversity. A not so subtle metaphor for the …

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