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FRINGE THEATRE – Signifying Nothing – 3.5K

Set in Perth, Western Australia, Greg Fleet has drafted a mash up of Shakespeare’s Macbeth with a tale about contemporary Australian politics. Nicola Bartlett as Lainey Macbeth (get it?) comfortably out shines Fleet in this two hander; her firey nature set off by her silver streaked hair presents equally self-destructive and calculating

FRINGE THEATRE – Scorch – HST – 4.5K


McAllister produces a vibrant and compelling account of a child’s developing and confusing years. On the circle stage of Holden Street’s Studio she works all corners of her space, sometimes frightened of her character’s self, sometimes frightening members of her audience with piercing stares. 4.5K

THEATRE – A Steady Rain – Lost in Translation – HST – 4K

For intense theatre, the aptly named A Steady Rain delivers a punch and if one missed it in March, do not again now. 4K