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RAW: Adelaide Oval and The SMA – A Case Study To Worry About

The proponents of the Adelaide Oval redevelopment, which includes just about every major organisation in town forever push this line about this project being ‘world class’, ‘a game changer’ and the like for this town. Well, consideration of a similar dream in the West may give all cause for thought.

RAW: Adelaide Oval – The Stench Just Gets Worse

The conduct of the board and management of both the SA Cricket Association and the Stadium Management Authority is coming under increasing scrutiny in the wake of their actions this week. As covered by Richard Earle in this morning’s Advertiser, the SMA have chosen this week to redirect traffic from a website called saveadelaideoval.com.au to …

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RAW: Adelaide Oval – Real Estate Realities and Remedies

Increasingly SACA members are asking how is it that this $85m is only value being received by members for their interest in the Adelaide Oval. For starters, $115m has just been spent on the new western grandstand, so for that alone you would think that would be the starting point for a value.

RAW: The Tide Starts To Turn on Adelaide Oval

If comments to Adelaide Now are a reflection of SACA members’ views at this time, support presently sits at around a mere 6%!