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Male: Real/Ideal – The Mill – Til 27th September

The exhibition is of seven model / photographer collaborations for a pair images each, one representative of a safe place and the other one less comfortable. The results are simply excellent.

Shiver and Tetratologists Inc Exhibitions Reviewed

Two exhibitions reviewed – Shiver by Vera Ada and Tetratologists curated by Kat Coppock. Both on til into May.

TeTRATOLOGISTS inc. – Curated by Kat Coppock – Ladybeads from 9 April

Based around mythological figures, manifestations of pop-culture into the world of the real, or secrets buried deep within the self, the works presented at this exhibition will be varied and completely unique. See post for details – exhibition opens on 9 April.

‘Feathers’; Group Exhibition – Format Gallery – From 9th Jan

Inspired by the phrase “Birds of a feather flock together”, ‘Feathers’ will be held at the Format Gallery Space (15 Peel St, Adelaide 5000) from the 9 Jan to 10 Feb. 23 young artists’ works will be enmeshed in a giant chicken wire nest built within the gallery, physically and metaphorically supported by the audience as they weave fabric, yarn, sticks, tape, and other recycled materials into the walls.

SALA – What’s Your Crutch? – Kat Coppock & Fiona Gardner – The Reading Room

This is certainly ambitious, especially on a weekly basis, but the personal dynamics between the two artists, Kat Coppock and Fiona Gardner, certainly comes through.