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RAW: Adelaide City Council takes the step to ban cigarettes in Rundle Mall

“Rundle Mall is competing with other shopping centres where smoking is not allowed and we want a level playing field.” Said Mayor Yarwood, this is despite studies that have shown that smoking regulations have had little to no effect on retail trading either positively or negatively.

RAW: The Adelaide Oval Legislation – More Than About Carparking

So, the parklands bounded by King William Rd, Montefiore Hill, Pennington Terrace and the river under this legislation will be no longer parklands. Effective title will pass to an unaccountable private body that has to meet no planning or other regulations. And this right under Light’s nose!

RAW: Adelaide Oval et al To No Longer Be Under ACC Custodianship

As reported on Matt and Dave this morning, the State Government has told the ACC it is not interested in its concerns or issues about the Adelaide Oval leases and precinct. It is simply going to legislate to take control itself and hand it over to the SMA to manage, as per the SMA constitution.