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THEATRE – Small Gods – Bakehouse – From 15th May – Preview

Small Gods has all the usual comedy, action, and drama that we have come to expect from Sir Terry Pratchett, one of the most insightful minds of our era. It will also make you think about….well…everything, long after you have left the theatre!

Theatre – Pratchett Pieces Three – Bakehouse – Til 24th Feb

The interplay between another world, piercing social commentary of our times and great humour requires a deft touch and the Unseen team have the knack and the talent to pull it off.

RAW: The Wyrd Sisters – Bakehouse – Til 25th June – 3.5K

For a nice take on the rotten world we live in, with all our cunning vanities and other assorted failings, Wyrd Sisters makes for an enjoyable evening by a fine and (mostly) young cast. 3.5K