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With their dialogue falling into sync with the pounding of their feet on a lonely road at night Steve and Mark discuss life and love. They are in training for the New York Marathon. Brilliantly and convincingly brought to life by Ross Vosvotekas and Adam Cirillo who run for virtually the entire 55 minutes (they …

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THEATRE – Marathon – Bakehouse Theatre – 3.5K

It maybe exhausting watching them but this is no marathon for audiences who can also enjoy Adam Cirillo’s fine performance. 3.5K

FRINGE 2016 – Ross Voss Comedy Experience – Crown & Sceptre – 3.5K

There is a certain charm and appeal about Ross; an impish grin is armed with eyes that seemingly still look out on the world with a youthful amazement. 3.5K

THEATRE – The Perfectionist – Bakehouse – 4K

This is all a great fun production in true Williamson style; one to be enjoyed and not taken too seriously. 4K