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SALA – Revealed #2 – Samstag

As mentioned, Revealed #2 is a different kind of exhibition but one that carries a great sense of this State’s often hidden faces of art patronage.

CROWD Theory Adelaide – Victoria Square / Tarntanyangga – Samstag Art Museum – 4K

Done for the first time by Terrill in three panels, Crowd Theory Adelaide is, if nothing else, a terrific, stunning capture of Adelaide in 2013, one that will stand the test of time. 4K

Jeffrey Smart – Master of Stillness – Samstag from 12 Oct – Preview

Master of Stillness is an extraordinary opportunity to experience the complete scope of works from this master artist, from the early years to his most iconic works on loan from all over Australia as well as overseas, assembled by curator Barry Pearce, Emeritus Curator at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Revealed – Samstag – 3.5K – Til 22 July

In Revealed – inside the private collections of South Australia, Samstag director, Erica Green, has formulated an admirable idea as it provides a window for the more casual or less well financially endowed art lover of Adelaide to see what is turning local patrons on and hanging on their walls. 3.5K

RAW: Bill Henson In Conversation – Review

A common reflection on Bill Henson’s work is that it attempts to capture moments in transition of the subject matters depicted such as between,  childhood and adulthood or night and day. The recent excellent In Conversation with Bill Henson, moderated by Paul Grabowsky, before a packed house at the Samstag Auditorium at UniSA, perhaps gives …

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RAW: Bill Henson – early work from the MGA Collection – Samstag to 16th December

Any interested in photography or particularly Henson’s work should be sure to visit. The gamut of images displayed ensure a greater appreciation of Henson’s work will be obtained relative to the often contrasted up images that make it into photo books and the media focus on his under dressed teenagers.

RAW: SALA – White Rabbit – Samstag – 4K

There are many provocative works to enjoy but my favourite is Wang Zhiyuan’s Object of Desire, a huge fibreglass construction of a piece of pink lady’s underwear. 4K

RAW: Hijacked 2 – Samstag Art Museum Til 1st July

This is a fine exhibition and any interested in contemporary photography ought to make their way to the Samstag for a most rewarding period of hanging out time.