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Mar 12

FRINGE 2018 – Comedy/Improv – Unplotted Potter – Tandanya – 4K

By Julia Cudsi Another Fringe staple for repeat attendees, Unplotted Potter is the brainchild of local improv troupe Scriptease. As the title suggests, this show is one for the Harry Potter fans – each night, an extremely minor character from the Potterverse is selected (via the scientific process of a name drawn from a hat …

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Feb 25

FRINGE CIRCUS – Attic – Tandanya – 5K


Superior circus, delivering a shot in the arm to a genre that is otherwise risking a rapid death wallowing in its own self-indulgences – and all home grown. The best coin that can be spent on circus this Fringe! 5K

Feb 25

FRINGE THEATRE – Eleanor’s Story – Tandanya – 5K


This is masterful theatre and as good as any you will see. 5K

Aug 22

RAW: SALA – Yiloga – Tiwi Footy – Peter Eve & Monica Napper – Tandanya

With both our local AFL sides going so poorly, a visit to Tandanya to see Yiloga – Tiwi Footy would, for those fans, serve as both a useful diversion and a reminder of the joys of just being a part of it all. For sports and event photographers it is a must.

Feb 25

FRINGE: Min Min – Dance – Tandanya – 3K

It is always enjoyable to go to a performance at Tandanya. You get to soak in the latest Indigenous art exhibition and have a chat with the people there before taking your seat for the show. It felt really good to support a local act such as this.