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FRINGE 2015 – Rust & Vinyl – Convention Centre – 4K

From the moment that the dulcet tones of Jacob Morris and then the uber voice of Tim Bartel led off there was a noticeable shortening of breath across the large audience in the Convention Centre Hall for it was obvious we were in for something special. 4K

FRINGE: Somewhere Under the Rainbow – Cabaret – The Big Slapple – 4K

While not quite capturing the feeling of their last two Fringe appearances, the Jane Austen Argument provide a night of quality, funny and moving original music. New comers are sure to be drawn in by their charisma and their album is a great addition to the collection. 4K

The Ring. Wagner. Animated.-The Big Slapple Apollo Theatre-2.5k

It is part of The Fringe’s charm that it has almost every form of entertainment imaginable on offer.  It is with this in mind that is is important to keep an open mind when perusing the Fringe Program and picking what you will go and see.  Often you will be rewarded for your adventurousness but …

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