Naomi Clarke’s elongated canvasses that stretch across the great arrivals hall at the railway station are works of great interest. Captured on them are photographed faces, sometimes portraits, of people of all walks and ages, some we know, most of whom are otherwise just faces in the crowd. Their looks are sometimes intriguing, other times hugely engaging such as the young boy in a joyous moment.

Using the railway station hall as the place to display them is most apt, for there below these canvasses is the same eclectic mix of individuals milling around and going about their days, also enjoying moments of delight and introspection.

Works on this scale can run the risk of overdoing it or getting lost above the masses. Clarke has done well to get the balance right and achieve her goal as set out in the exhibition’s title. The pity is that they could not be hung closer to the southern stairs where the impact of them vis a vis the people below would have been greater. It seems some promotion of the railways people took precedence (– can you believe it).

Kryztoff Rating – 4K

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