We Live By The Sea – Adelaide Fringe – Feb 2018

We Live By the Sea is a wonderfully atmospheric, imaginative and tender theatre piece which draws the viewer into the world of an autistic person and the lives of those who care about them.

Katy is a friendless autistic teenager with an imaginary dog named Paul Williams.  She lives by the sea with her sister Hannah, who has been thrust into the role of carer as a consequence of their father’s death.

Living with virtually no outside support they meet Ryan, a young man new to the area who is dealing with problems of his own.  This meeting and the bonds that they form are transformative for all of them.

As audience members arrive they are intimately welcomed into these stories within stories and invited to participate in a “different kind of thinking”.

The simple set makes great use of live music, lighting and projection to take us to the sea, and also to experience what sensory overload may feel like to an autistic person.

There was brilliant acting from all four cast members, great dialogue and storytelling, humour and sadness.

There will be a soft performance with minimal lighting and sound effects on Feb 25th.



Presented by Joanna Hartstone, Patch of Blue & Hartshorn-Hook productions.

Empire Theatre,  Royal Croquet Club


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