by Riccardo Barone 

The acclaimed flautist Melanie Walters comes back with an outstanding solo performance. The program follows the path to the Olympus; be prepared for a walk between sacred trees, scented hills and Zeus’s reign. Your unique guide: Syrinx, the nymph who ran away from Pan’s love proposal, written by Claude Debussy.

Icarus is ready to fly towards the sun and miserably crash to the ground, described by Houston Dunleavy. Above all the Gods, with their forgiveness,  the ancient Greek comic playwright Aristofane breaks through the scenes with one of his bubbling acting: it is “Aristofaniada” by Klaus Hinrich Stahmer. What happened when Pandora let the hope go? Come and you’ll listen to the Gods screaming their disappointment and rage, a piece by Lauren Zucker. Narcissus fell in love with his mirrored reflection in the waters till he died. All magically described by Thea Musgrave in her brilliant piece for flute and live electronics (performed here with the  support of Sebastian Tomczak). Your trip to the Olympus ends with Cassandra, the visionary prophetess who no one believed written by Brian Ferneyhough. Can’t miss it, if you love contemporary classical music.

Kryztoff Rating  4K

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