FRINGE 2018 – THEATRE – The Colour Orange: The Pauline Hanson Musical – Raj House – 4.5K

scaled_Sydney_Fringe_Critics__Pick_2017The current political landscape is dark and divisive. At times like this, when politics becomes a caricature of itself, all we can really do is laugh. The Colour Orange outlines the history of One Nation and the unusual rise, fall, and rise again of Pauline Hanson.

Through music played by five-piece band, The Flaming Howards, the audience is taken on a wild ride through Australian political history that is all too familiar for many of us. The original songs were hilarious, well researched and catchy.

The cast is brilliant: expressive, adaptive and pitch-perfect. The small team of five actors rotated the roles of Pauline Hanson and also played familiar faces like Tony Abbott, Julia Gillard, Kochie and the kind of “Aussie Battler” you’d encounter in a Facebook comment section.

One thing that may throw you is the role of Pauline Hanson continuously changes. The audience adapts quickly to this and there appear to be logical reasons why the actor keeps changing. I had a personal favourite Pauline (Kirralee Elliot), so while the other Paulines were excellent, I found myself hoping for Kirralee’s Pauline to make another entrance.

Outside the small performance space at Raj House, a range of orange-themed merchandise is available for sale. The pieces were adorable, reasonably priced and a great little extra to an unforgettable experience. This, combined with the soundtrack available for pre-order is simply a cherry on top of a polished show.

This musical was tight, intelligent, hilarious, entertaining and overflowing with musical talent. It drives home a powerful message about the power of publicity. It is a must-see for those disenchanted by Australian Politics and just those who need a laugh.


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